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Other Services

For any of these services please contact us first  

Repeat Prescription (£50  + the actual cost of medication using an online pharmacy). Please note that we can only issue medication that we had prescribed for you before and that the medication is suitable for repeat prescribing. Antibiotics for example are not suitable for repeat prescribing and will require a new consultation every time. We may refuse to issue the repeat medication if you need an examination or a blood test or the medication has not been requested for a long time. Repeat prescriptions are done through an online pharmacy. We can only issue 1 month of medication each time. Once authorised, you will receive a link on your mobile phone and your email to pay the pharmacy directly. This payment is for the medication cost and is in addition to our prescription fees detailed above. It is important that you check the details of the prescription and ensure your address is correct before you make the payment to the pharmacy.

- Joint and soft tissue injections using steroids (£150 ) or Hyaluronic acid "Visco-Supplementation (£200);

- Cryotherapy (freezing therapy) for warts and skin tags (£150 for up to 5 lesions - £25 for each additional lesion);

- Reports and medicals (from £125 depending the time spent on the report - please contact us);

- Private blood tests (£50 phlebotomy fees + the actual test fees. Please email us with your requirements);

- Intramuscular Vitamin shots, eg: vitamin D (£50), Vitamin B12 injections (£50).

- Stitches removal after any surgery (£125);

- Fetal heart beat detection using a doppler machine (£125).

- ECG with copies of the heart tracing and a written report (£125). 


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Leicester Holistic GP is a private GP clinic, it should not be used in possible medical emergencies or situations that may require urgent medical attention. In those situations you should call 999 or 111 or attend hospital ED.


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