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Blood Tests

£50 phlebotomy fees + actual test cost

We have a number of individual tests (e.g thyroid function, vitamin D, iron level, full blood count, liver function test etc) or a combination of tests (known as "test profiles" e.g the Well Person's profile and the "Executive Health Check"). The individual tests are suitable for specific health concerns but the "profile tests" tend to work out more cost effective if you want a general health check. 


- To access these tests directly without any prior discussion please email us for a quote. Please note that if you need advice on what to test for, then a consultation is needed. Advise can not be given over the phone for which to choose. 


- Our fees for taking the blood test (phlebotomy), delivering it to the laboratory and producing a report with any abnormality is included in the phlebotomy fees, which is £50. We will advise you on the actual price of the tests you request, but generally individual tests are £25- £75 each and profile tests are £100 - £300. Please also read the note below.

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We will take the blood sample from you and deliver it to the Lab. We will then send the test results back to you with any abnormal results clearly marked. We will contact you by phone if the results are dangerously abnormal. If you want to discuss the results in details then you need to book a separate consultation with our GPs, or you can make your own arrangements to discuss the results with your preferred healthcare professional. 


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