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Telephone Appointment




- It is always better to come in to the clinic, however if you prefer to have a telephone consultation please use this option. 

- We offer remote consultations which are appropriate for certain medical problems.

Please ensure that the medical problem is suitable for telephone consultations, e.g mental health problems, requesting a private sick note, pain management issues when the underlying cause is well known etc. If the doctor feels that he needs to see you, he will ask you to join him on a video link. 

- If a prescription is needed, this will be done through an online pharmacy. The online pharmacy will deliver the medication directly to you, usually the next working day if the medication is in stock and you pay them before 3 pm

 Prescriptions are done at the sole discretion of the prescriber. We do not prescribe opiates, sleeping tablets or any drug with an addiction potential.

- Leicester Holistic GP is a private GP clinic, it should not be used in possible medical emergencies or situations that may require urgent medical attention. In those situations you should call 999 or 111 or attend hospital ED.

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