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Private Sick Notes

£100 (please book a consultation

​​- Private sick notes aren’t valid for social security or statutory pay purposes. But, your own NHS practice can issue a MED3 if you're off work sick for more than 7 days, which are valid for social security and statutory pay purposes. 

- Please note we do not write private sick notes for longer than 7 days at a time and GP’s are unable to back-date the notes if you have not been to see us at the point of illness.

- To obtain a sick note we need to see you. Please book a Standard face-to-face consultation or a video consultation and indicate in the "additional information" box that you need a sick note. Please bring a form of ID with you to confirm your identity if you are new to us or show us the ID during the video consultation.


- If the doctor agrees that your health affects your fitness for work, they can issue a sick noteAll our certificates are on company headed paper, with the doctors full name and GMC registration number.

- Leicester Holistic GP is a private GP Service and does not provide Med3 notes. These are available from your NHS GP only.

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Leicester Holistic GP is a private GP clinic, it should not be used in possible medical emergencies or situations that may require urgent medical attention. In those situations you should call 999 or 111 or attend hospital ED.


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