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£100 arrangement fees + cost of the scan

- We have priority access to private scans (CT, MRI, Ultrasound) from reputable private providers with a fast appointments and  scan results directly sent to us. To access this service directly please email us. Our fees for arranging the scan is £100. This will cover the referral to scan but not the actual scan cost. We will advise you on the scan cost before the referral but as a rough guide an ultrasound scan is around £350 and the MRI scan is about £400-£500 depending on the area to be scanned.


- Our reports are done by Consultant Radiologists. Please also read the notes below.

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- For Direct Access Scans: Leicester Holistic GP will send a referral to the scanning providers who will directly contact you to arrange an appointment for you on a convenient time and location. We will then send the scan report back to you. The fees do not include interpreting the results or recommending treatment. If you want to discuss the results in details then you need to book a separate consultation with one of our GPs, or you can make your own arrangements to discuss the results with your preferred healthcare professional. 

- We offer fast tract appointment for scanning. This means that the fees are payable to us before the referral is made and the fees for scanning are not refundable in case of cancellation, "no show" or late arrival. Please ensure that you attend your appointment on time and that you allow plenty of time to reach your destination.


- If you are given a date or location for your scan that is NOT convenient for you, please do not accept or proceed with the booking and revert back to us. We will then arrange a scan with another provider for you. 


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